Paws Pitstop offer a wide variety of services some of which include the following:

We cleanse and moisturise the coat with a wide range of nautral & organic products, gently removing dead hair and skin cells to improve coat condition. This treatment can also help to loosen tense muscles and rselieve sore joints.

All dogs are carefully hand dried.

Brushing is essential to the grooming process as this stimulates the skin and removes any dead coat. Brushing will improve the coat texture and prepare it for clipping or scissor finishing.

Clipping & Scissor finishing:
We will clip or scissor finish coats to the most practical and aesthetically pleasing style for your dog, however if you have a particular style in mind our groomers are happy to discuss this with you at the beginning of your visit.

Hand Stripping:
Hand Stripping for terriers and hounds from 6 moths old, with the top coat removed to reveal the dense, soft undercoat. Dogs should be stripped 4 times a year.

Eyes & Ears Cleaned:
We will gently clean the dogs ears and eyes using specialist products. Some breeds have hair in their ears where plucking the hair out will be required.

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